How to solve AOL Error Code 420

Various companies are providing service for free e-mail was America Online, in these entire one known as AOL. AOL still has a wide section of e-mail service, but one of the problems that can continuously we are facing with the AOL platform is the feared AOL error code 420. After Created is errors you will be not able to access your accounts and new users also will be not able to create a new free account.

Reasons for AOL Error Code 420 on your computer?

Although, much more reasons that you will face the AOL error 420. One is that your computer’s index has done a corrupt file or two on it and it will create communication breaking between your computer and AOL. Other one reason may be that in your computer constructed with a virus and the virus is now creating errors with your AOL account or now easily you are no able to create a new account.

Steps to solve the AOL Error Code 420 on your computer

We have two formulas with both of uses you can easily solve your AOL error code 420 problems on your computer. These methods will do work best to solve this error but actually, it will depend on that what is main reason because of this error create in your PC error.

First: Scan your Browser 

Sometimes your browser is to create the issue for the AOL error code 420 on your PC. If you get this type of issue, in this case, you can easily solve your error issue with these steps.


  1. Follow one another web browser that you are using in some rare cases if you are using like Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox etc.).
  2. Now sign up for your AOL account or login for a new AOL account while you open a new alternate browser on your computer screen.
  3. After doing all these steps, still, if your regular browser is creating issues again then you need to update your browsers.

Second: take a Manual Virus Scan

Sometimes it happens that your computer already does work with virus scans at different set points. Although, if you want to finish the AOL error code 420 issue on your computer, in this case, a new virus scan may do work best.


  1. On your desktop screen create the anti-virus icon.
  2. Click two times the anti-virus icon to open the program.
  3. Get the scanning options and select the ‘Full System Scan’ option.
  4. Start with a full complete scan process.
  5. If you get any viruses, instant delete them.
  6. Now again start your computer to see the change effects.
  7. Check AOL again and see if issues have the fix.

AOL customer support

Hopefully, you have done successfully all these processes to fix the AOL error 420 on your computer. Thank to choose our website to resolve the issues with the help of AOL customer support helpline number. We hope that the AOL certified technicians provided you to get back to right using AOL in the manner you are used to. After all these things if you have any query or would like to any information about AOL, please feel free to contact us. We will wish the Good luck for your future.


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