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AOL email service is one of the most used email services in the world. Also known as AIM mail, it is one of the oldest webmail services which is extremely reliable. Since it offers a number of features like unlimited mail storage, spam filter, protection from virus, customized signatures, etc, it is very popular amongst people. Despite the perks, users may encounter some error or issue while using AOL email. In such cases, there is no need to fret as the AOL email support offers round the clock service to the users.

AOL Hacked Account Recovery

Emails contain a lot of personal information. If some stranger gets access to your AOL mail and uses it to steal your information then it means that your AOL email account is hacked. There are a variety of warning signs that let you know whether your AOL email account has been compromised or not.

Warning signs of hacked AOL account

  • Warning messages like “Unusual activity on this account has been detected.”
  • People are getting emails that were not sent by you.
  • There are messages in your drafts or outbox folders which you didn’t create.
  • AOL mail inbox is filled with spam.
  • Difficulty in singing into email account.
  • Spam filter has been disabled and account settings have been changed.
  • A failed attempt to hack your bank account.
  • Deleted contact list.
  • Altered email signature.
  • Mailer daemon failure notice.
  • You are not getting any new emails in your inbox.
  • Image or text captcha pops when you are trying to sign in or send an email.
  • New contacts have been added to your list.
  • The emails sent by you are bouncing back to you.
  • Your account keeps going offline even when you are logged into it.

How to Secure your Hacked AOL Email Account?

If you notice any of these activities then there is a good possibility that your email account has been hacked. The best way to deal with a hacked AOL email account is to immediately change the password. Go to AOL password recovery and change your password to disable the hacker’s access to your mail. You can change your password by using your phone number, alternate email address, or security question. Contact the AOL Email Hacked Account Recovery Helpline without delay if you feel that your account is hacked.

Steps to change and reset AOL email password

  • Go to the AOL Mail login page
  • Alternatively, go to com
  • Click on login/join button
  • Enter your username or AOL email address
  • Click on next
  • Enter your latest password in the box
  • Click on “Sign in
  • After signing in, you will be redirected to
  • Go to account settings
  • Go to your profile name and click on it
  • Go to personal info page
  • Click on account security
  • Scroll to the section “how you sign in
  • On the right side of the screen, you will find “change password” option
  • Click on change password
  • Enter your new password in the text box
  • Enter the password again in the confirm password text box
  • Click on Continue
  • Click Save

The longer and the more unique your password is, the more secure your email is. Add numbers, special characters, uppercase, lowercase letters to your password. Instead of modifying the old password, create a fresh one from scratch. Dictionary words are incredibly easy to guess and so are passwords like 123456789. Keep changing your AOL email account password frequently. If you have the habit of keeping the same password for all your accounts and your AOL email account has been hacked, then do change your passwords of all the other accounts as well.

Contact AOL Customer Support for Assistance

If you cannot login into your AOL email account, then it is highly probable that the hackers have changed your email account password. Call the AOL email hacked account recovery support phone number if your doubt that your account has been hacked or compromised. If you face any issue while changing your password to recover your hacked account then you can call on the AOL toll-free number 800-325-1580 for instant and efficient solution. The customer support team consists of highly trained and seasoned technicians who are adept at handling all sorts of AOL email issues.