How to Setup AOL Mail on iPhone | Email Settings

How to Setup AOL Mail on iPhone | Email Settings

AOL email is on the top email service among all its competitors due to its incredible advanced additional features. This is working as productive or prosperous email service at present and most of the users this mail service. It is not only known for its amazing features but also for its unacceptable work performance. Its amazing features will help you to send/receive or reply/forward any mail to another account easily. But still, if you don’t know how to set up AOL email on your iPhone then you can use the given instruction which we have given in this article. We hope that the given steps will guide you to set up AOL email on your iPhone.


For the user’s convenience, we are providing a simple manual process to set up AOL email account on their iPhone device. Please follow the given each step to complete your AOL email setup.

Open your iPhone and go to iPhone settings section.
Scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.”
Tap on “Add account” and choose “Other.”
Tap on the “Add Mail Account” and then fill the given information carefully:
Name: user name
Email: user AOL email-address
Password: user AOL email-password
Description: type “AOL.”
Select “IMAP” is located under incoming mail server and then carefully enter the below-given information:
Username: user email id
Password: your AOL email-password
Scroll down and move to under outgoing mail server and then enter the following details:
Username: email
Password: your email password
Click on “save” and in choose your email address in the opens next screen.
Scroll down and go to under outgoing mail server select “SMTP.”
Then navigate to below central server and choose “” and check that the below-given information is displayed on your screen:
Serverport: 587
Now, tap on the “Done” and move to the previous screen.
Select “Advanced” and confirm that the following details are displayed correctly:
SSL: ssl
Now, move to the previous screen again.
After that, restart your iPhone to complete the email setup.

We hope that after following given directions, you will successfully set up AOL email on your iPhone. But still, if you want to get more information about your AOL email account, you can ask by AOL Customer Support. AOL certified technician will tell you a robust response to your any AOL related issue. To connect with AOL experts, dial AOL customer support number.